A trip to Chendu and Research Base of Panda (People’s Republic of China)

Japanese Version

Hi, this is  Fe@NJ, who has passed Second Grade of Timetable Test in Japan.

I went to Chengdu famous for Panda base!


①I boarded an Air China aircraft


②I requested Chinese cuisine as well as on-flight meals.


③④Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

Pandas healed my heart from the bottom.


Leshan Giant Buddha

It was completed in 803 and the height is 232Ft / 71m.


Du Fu’s Thatched Cottage Museum

Memorial museum of the poet, Du Fu (712 – 770) of the era of ancient China, Tang Dynasty



⑦A poet titled Chūn Wàng (Spring View): The nation is broken, though mountains and rivers remain~

I learned it in classes of high school Chinese Classics.

When you hear Chūn Wàng in Chinese, the rhyme is really sweet.

If you are interested, please search YouTube.


⑧Rental ethnic costume!



⑨Authentic Sichuan dish: Mapo Tofu


⑩The massage worked very well.

How is your impression?

Thank you and see you next time!

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