A trip of Tadami Line with wonderful colored leaves

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Hi, this is Fe@NJ,  who has passed Second Grade of Timetable Test in Japan.

How time flies and it is the final stop of “More Abundant Life by Railway Trip” Series, of six accounts.

This theme is a day trip of Tadami Line between Koide and Tadami, taking approximately one hour and twenty minutes on each of go and return, enjoying autumn with very beautiful leaves.

Tadami Line is a typical local line of JR East which ties Koide in Niigata Prefecture and Aidu-wakamatsu in Fukushima Prefecture, to east and west.

It is the long interruption in its midsection between Tadami and Aizu-kawaguchi by flood damage in 2011.

As of today, October 24, 2017, only three rounds of the local train are daily serviced between Koide and Tadami, throughout, while one round of the so-called Joyful Train is seasonally and limitedly operated.  Therefore, when making a travel plan, please note the timetable carefully.

Tadami Line seems deserted, nevertheless, you should have the real pleasure of colored leaves along the line.

#1_DSCF0783-U 20131109 長岡駅9432D 快速只見紅葉号 キハ47 515

①The old-style diesel engine cars run in Tadami Line (at Nagaoka Station)


②The Railway fans much prefer the font of Japan National Railways, before JRs’ establishment in our country, as ”キハ (ki-ha) 47 514”.

#3_2013-11-09 10.11.13

③Interior; fixed cross seats

#4_2013-11-09 09.55.27 -U

④Going up Tadami River.

#5_2013-11-09 10.13.21-U

⑤The scenery of the colored leaves is wonderful from the train window.

#6_DSCF0806-t-U 20131109 9432D 快速只見紅葉号より 大白川~田子倉

⑥The observation through the cab window.


#8_2013-11-09 13.33.25 t-U

⑦⑧The scenery from the train window, approaching Tadami Station, the destination.


⑨A standpipe for steam locomotives was found in the return train.

#10_DSCF0799-U 20131109 大白川駅で交換する9432D 快速只見紅葉号 と2423D

Ohshirakawa Station serves as a bypass track in order to meet.


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