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Hi, this is Fe@NJ , who has passed Second Grade of Timetable Test in Japan.


This theme is “old-style passenger car” or “Kyugata-Kyakusha” in Japanese.

It is a common name, and then, I am giving my definition, in this paper, as follows:

○old-style (Kyugata) … It is for common use before so-called Blue Train era in Japan.

○passenger car (Kyakusha) … It hosts for traveler’s transportation, without power equipment such as motor or diesel engine in the composition, therefore, the locomotive (steam, diesel or electric locomotive) is necessary in order to tow passenger car(s).


A great many old-style passenger cars were in service by Japan National Railways, before JRs’ establishment in our country.



①The old-style passenger cars look really nice with a steam locomotive.


②The standard color of the old-style passenger cars is brown.  Its windows can be opened in full.  The leftmost car is separated into two halves, the cargo section (left) and the passengers’ section (right).


③The typical old-style passenger car:
The sign “III” indicates the third class car in the past, the ordinary class, currently.


④You can find the U-shaped and hard headrests at the top of every backrest of all aisle seats!


⑤The lighting is by incandescent lamps; no air conditioner; the net rack, not plastic.  When opening the window, the highland wind is pleasant, but if the tow machine is the steam locomotive, we might be disturbed by smoke.


⑥A bottle opener with nostalgia.  The glass bottled drinks such as beer and juice were stopped by cap in the past.  We can find a trace of ashtray formerly under the bottle opener.


⑦It is the feature that the windows are narrow for this car.


⑧The interior of the car has been completed by varnish.


Now, would you like to try the retro-tasted old-style passenger cars?
They are active as a special and event train, particularly on the Joetsu and Shin-etsu Main Lines in Gunma Prefecture, Japan as of September 26, 2017. 

Thank you and have a nice trip in Japan! 

【Location】Yokokawa Station, Shin-etsu Main Line, in Gunma Prefecture

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