A Study of JR’s Seishun 18 Kippu【Seishun 18 with grace】

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Hi, this is Fe@NJ , who has passed Second Grade of Timetable Test in Japan.

I would like to talk on tips on JR’s Seishun (youth) 18 Kippu (ticket) (“Seishun 18”, hereafter), which is not eligible for Shinkansens, Limited Express and Express trains, and which is understood as the ticket for inexpensive but late and quiet travel, with grace.

1. What is “Seishun 18”?

(1) The Seishun 18 is a limited-time offer, for spring, summer and winter vacation season at school, in the rough.

(2) Sale Price: 11,850 in Japanese Yen for one adult or one child

(3) It is consisted by five segments for one person for five days, or it can be split for use by up to five people.

(4) Each one segment (2,370 Yen only = 11,850/5) is valued for unlimited rides for one day and for one person.

(5) It is eligible for All JR’s Local and Rapid trains, but not eligible for Shinkansens, Limited Express and Express trains.

(6) Please consult the website of JR for details in full, such as




①Seishun 18 which four segments have been used but one segment is unused.


2. Graceful paradigm

(1) Rapid Trains, at reasonable speed, are recommended.

(2) Try the extra-charged Green Car (First Class) without seat reservation.  The additional Green Car ticket is not so expensive.

○Example: ¥780 (within Tokyo Metropolitan Area, purchased before riding, holiday price, more than 51km)



②Rotary recliner of Green Car in Tokyo Metropolitan Area

(3) All seats of Local and Rapid trains are generally not reserved.  Therefore, it is recommended to get on the train at the starting station if possible, in order to have your favorite seat considering sunshine and view

(4) Trains with direct service are preferable to ones with change(s).

(5) As longer and longer, save more and more.

(6) In case of one-day trip, such as go and return, much saving!

(7) Whereas so-called Joyful Trains are generally categorized into the Rapid Train, and all seats are reserved, it is noted that the required tickets are the Reserved Seat Ticket and ②Seishun 18, instead of Basic Fare Ticket.


In my personal opinion, the Joyful Train is the most graceful choice for Seishun 18, enjoying the specifications such as observation room, the lounge car, the kiosk, the wagon service for box lunch, railfan goods and so on, volunteers’ guides, etc.  The passengers have the pleasure in process on board, instead of velocity to the destination.

③DSC00201-U 2014-05-10-JT快速リゾートやまどり

③Rapid Train “Resort Yamadori” operated between Omiya and Naganohara

-Kusatsuguchi with observation rooms next to cab, with large windows.

④2014-05-10 12.44.11-t-U-JT 中之条駅

④The volunteers may lead the short sightseeing walk during its stop at Nakanojo Station.


⑤The teahouse of Rapid Train “Kirakira Uetsu” operated between Niigata and Sakata.



⑥Rapid Train “SL Ban-etsu Monogatari” operated between Niigata and Aizu-Wakamatsu) is proud of the longest run (approximately 125 km / 75 miles)  for one way during the trains powered by steam locomotive in Japan.


3. Please accept the following conditions, if any, in the case of Local and Rapid trains:

(1) Japanese style toilet, especially in older trains.

(2) Without outlets (power supply)
It is suggested to bring your battery.

(3) Long seats like commuter train, especially in new trains. Nevertheless, the rotary recliner makes you comfortable in the case of Green Car and Joyful Train, in principle.

(4) Your luggage space might be very limited except Joyful Trains.


4. Pokémon GO Event in Yokohama by Seishun 18

During summer staying at Jo-shin-etsu National Park in Gunma Prefecture, we joined in Pokémon GO Event in Yokohama, as one day trip, between its parkside station and Yokohama Station via Takasaki Station with Seishun 18, feeling the example of the best buy


Full Fare           (a)         ¥7,340 =¥3,670 (one way)× 2(round)

Seishun 18       (b)         ¥2,370


Saved                 (a)-(b)   ¥4,970 (per person)


○The long seat might be acceptable for about one and half hour to Takasaki Station.


⑦Electric Car Type 211

○From Takasaki Station to Yokohama Station, directly, we got on the upper level of the double-decked car of Green Car for about two and half hours  (approximately 130 km / 80 miles).  Compare ¥780, extra-charged for Green Car with the above-mentioned saving in the amount of ¥4,970.


⑧The graceful double-decked Green Car

○We were caught in Pokémon trainers’ traffic jam toward Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, Pokémon Site.


⑨We Passed over the jammed pedestrian bridge, then, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse was ahead.


⑩Once participated, it was not difficult for all to catch their objects such as Unown, Mr. Mime, Chansey and so on, with their pleasure.

Thank you and have a nice trip in Japan!


  1. Whereas some trains are not operated every day.  If you wish to ride, please check the operation date.
  2. The information herein, such as time, specification of the train and so on, are current as of August 30, 2017.  They may be modified.

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