Enjoy cool Shinshu Area with Resort View Furusato!

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Hi, this is Fe@NJ , who has passed Second Grade of Timetable Test in Japan.
We got on and would like to introduce a rapid train, Resort View Furusato which is operated by JR East at the height, approximately 80 miles between Nagano and Minami-Otari via Matsumoto in full, through cool Shinshu Area.

Resort View Furusato is a two-car train with environmentally friendly hybrid engine system, observation decks at both ends and luxury 78 seats with reservation.
It is also budget-friendly, as the passenger need the basic fare ticket (or applicable Pass) and the reserved seat ticket, before boarding, but neither a limited Express Ticket nor an express Ticket is necessary.     

 ①You see the observation deck, next to cab, with large windows.(image at Minami-Otari Station)


②It departs from Nagano Station at 09:04, then runs towards the southwest direction for Matsumoto Station, through Shinonoi Line.


③You can experience both the one of Japan’s three greatest view from train window, of Zenkoji-daira and the switchback at Ubasute Station.


④Matsumoto: Arr 10:22, Dep 10:41

The train hereby changes its direction to north for Minami-Otari via local Oito Line.
Would you like Box Lunch on wagon sale?


Hotaka: Arr 10:59, Dep 11:26
The shrine maiden might lead its short worship at Hotaka Shrine in front of the station. I who is an intermediate climber prayed safety in the mountain.


Hotaka Station is recognized as the one of the southeast gateway of Chubu Sangaku National Park, in order to directly approach for climbers to Jonendake (Mt. Jonen, 9,373ft/2,857m) and Chogatake (Mt. Cho (8,783ft/2,677m), the excellent observation deck for Yarigatake (Mt. Yari, 10,433ft/3,180m) and Hotakadake (Mt. Hotaka, 10,466ft/3,190m).

Years ago I accomplished one-day climbing of Jonendake.  On Saturday in the early morning I went to the mountain gate via Hotaka by taxi then climbed to its peak and returned by the evening.  When there are no confidences in physical strength, it is possible to stay at mountain hut in the ridge. 

⑥The below fantastic image shows Yarigatake, a triangular pyramidal peak in the back right, from the vicinity of Chogatake’s peak area.


⑦After Shinano-Omachi Station, it runs east side of Nishina Sanko (Nishina three lakes).

Ski resorts are seen here and there beyond the lake.  The view in winter should be also outstanding!


⑧The railroad through deep forest area as final approach to Minami-Otari Station, the last stop of the train


⑨Minami-Otari, last stop: Arr 12:47
Ditto, to return: Dep 15:16
Nagano: Arr 18:28


⑩As we had about 2 hours and a half to spare until the departure time of the return at Minami-Otari, we visited to Kamaike (Kama Pond) by chartered taxi and then took a therapeutic walk in the forest.


On the way home, dusk is deepening and the scenery of Japan Alps and Zenkoji-daira is especially impressible. 

Thank you and have a nice trip in Japan!


  1. Whereas Resort View Furusato is a seasonal train, it is not operated every day.  If you wish to ride, please check the operation date before seat reservation.
  2. The information herein, such as timetable, specification of the train and so on, are current as of July 25, 2017.  They may be modified.

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