From Tokyo to Hakone by rail plus Spa and Pokémon

Japanese Version

Hi, this is
Fe@NJ, who has passed Second Grade of Timetable Test in Japan.
We delighted taking the observation deck seat in the front of Romancecar“, Odakyu‘s limited express train from Shinjuku Station to Hakone-yumoto Station, the gateway of Hakone Town, which has various volcanic topographies and is located approximately 50 miles west in Tokyo.  Then, we changed to Hakone Tozan Train.  There are not only the steepest hills, at 80 (per mill) among adhesion railways in Japan but also the switchbacks.  Finally, we vacationed in Miyanoshita, prospered from the old days, in luxury with spa and Pokémon.


①At Odakyu’s Shinjuku Station:  Crews on upper deck while passengers on main deck.



②The excellent view from the observation deck seat of “Romancecar


③Romancecar Box Lunch on sale:  The box can be reused.
At Hakone-yumoto Station, changing to Hakone Tozan Train, featured the steep hills at 80‰, and also switchbacks in the shape of a letter Z.





④A switchback: A train comes from the right back way to the front, changes its direction and goes up the left slope.


⑤A train bound for Gora enters Miyanoshiata Station.


⑥A view of spa resort near Miyanoshita Station along ex-Route 1:  A classic Fujiya Hotel since 1878 ahead


➆Whereas the hotel which we stayed is in left in a post office, now therefore?


⑧We enjoyed the free access to Pokéstop at post office.  It is noted that most of post offices in Japan are accompanied with Pokéstops or gyms.  During vacation, we are usually worried about the shortage of Monsterballs, Berries and so on, notwithstanding, there is no problem.

Thank you and have a nice trip in Japan!

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