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Hi, this is Fe@NJ , who has passed Second Grade of Timetable Test in Japan

Whereas I enjoyed to stay Manza Spa, located in the northwest from Tokyo about 100 miles, at the beginning of this May, the following would be a tip for saving traveling expenses.

I took JR East’s Limited Express Kusatsu from Ueno Station to its final stop, Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi Station, then, changed to a local train, to be connected.  The destination was Manza-Kazawaguchi (“Maka”, hereunder), which is the terminal station for Manza Spa.

















The northbound Limited Express Kusatsu enters Nakanojou Station, Gunma Prefecture.

(Electric Car Type 651)












A green bold line shows JR East’s Line from Ueno to Maka.

Now, one Fare Ticket charge from Ueno to Maka is ¥3,350.  Nevertheless, I carried out Division Purchase as follows:









Kanda is the nearest station of NetJapan’s head office. The next station is Tokyo. 

Yeah, the five separated tickets are cheaper than the one through ticket!
As you see, I could save ¥410 for one adult’s one-way, while the four-adult party might cut down in the total amount of ¥3,280 for go and return.










Please note:

(1) You have to purchase Limited Express ticket in addition to Fare Ticket.  For example, another ¥1,730 shall be charged for one adult without seat reservation.

(2) The above-mentioned prices are effective as of May 24, 2017.  Those and JR’s ticketing rules may be modified.

(3) It is suggested to compare with the other discount option(s), if any.

Since JR establishes the fare rather inexpensively in designated areas with competition from private railroads, the save could be possible.

Thank you and have a nice trip in Japan!

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